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High insurance rate increases in the future?

Hikes in health insurance rates that blindsided many Americans in past years may be a continuing story.

Perhaps the biggest increase will be seen in the most basic coverage, Obamacare “bronze” plans. The least expensive of all ACA plans, the bronze plans, are expected to rise by 14 percent in 2015.

2015 expected premium rates for the biggest 15 cities in the nation, Investor’s Business Daily reported that the annual cost for the bronze plan could increase by an average of 14 percent for 40-year-old non-smokers earning 225 percent of the poverty level.


Seattle will see the greatest cost increase

Policy owners in Seattle, Washington will see the biggest jump. The premium cost of the bronze plan, after subsidies, will skyrocket by 64 percent, from $60 to $98 per month.

Millions of people who were expected to be first timers to enroll in ObamaCare during the open enrollment period for 2015, may choose not to solely due to the increase in plan pricing.

Those people that did sign up for Obamacare for the 2014 plan year may choose to opt out because of the dramatic increases in premiums. Should the younger enrollees opt out or choose not to enroll for the first time, an additional burden will be placed on the health care system, leaving the main insurance pool with older and more costly enrollees.


Roughly 115,000 could lose insurance in Obamacare over immigration says U.S.

115,000 people in 36 states may lose their private health insurance from Obamacare after September 30, from unresolved data problems under their citizenship or immigration status, said the Obama Administration. Another 363,000 people could see their insurance costs increase dramatically.


$0 a month for Obamacare insurance?

Approximately 7 to 8 million Americans are entitled to get health insurance at no monthly cost on their state’s Obamacare exchange, once tax subsidies for lower-income individuals and families are factored in. A clearer picture is now become visible as to what that does to the cost of Obamacare.


Automatic renewal of Obamacare health insurance may cost you dearly.

August 5, 2014 If you like your Obamacare plan, you do not need to change it. However this lack of action on your part may end up costing you a bundle.

When you stay with last year’s Obamacare insurance plan instead of changing to a new Obamacare plan, may be subject to some of the largest premium increases anywhere in the new healthcare system. The scariest part is that you may not even know your costs went up until you receive a tax bill from the IRS.

Insurance Companies typically raise their plan premiums every year. However that may very well be the least of the problems for millions of Obamacare enrollees. A list of numerous other issues, most of which will not be evident, will cause healthcare insurance premiums to rise dramatically.

In certain instances, insurance rates may not increase at all, yet consumers may still owe thousands of dollars more for coverage. It’s all an unintended effect of complicated changes in the law that were designed to create competition among insurer’s that were expected to lower rates.

You may be penalized for not changing plans each year. In fact, for many of us, we would have to shop for new insurance every year to simply keep your Obamacare insurance premiums in check. The problem is that how many of us will actually take the effort to shop for new insurance every year. New insurance plans can involve new Doctors, new out of pocket expenses plus the hassle of navigating the HealthCare.gov site. The White House has already established an auto-renewal process, making it easier to stick with what could mean, significantly higher premiums.

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